Alexandra Santos in Parlour Geometrique at Chiswick House (13 Oct 2018)

Saturday 13 October 2018, 3-5pm

Alexandra Santos (5-307) is participating in Parlour Geometrique along with twelve other artists on Saturday 13 October 2018 at Chiswick House and Gardens.

Parlour Geometrique explores the idea of Chiswick House and Gardens as a meditation on the architectural vision, its mythic undertones and its echoes in the body. The layout of the house and gardens breaks down our sense of time, place and physicality through a series of mysterious glimpses, whispers, and veiled vantage points, merging our presence with the surrounding environment, and folding our gaze into its rich tapestry. Parlour Geometrique presents new site-specific works from fifteen contemporary live artists which engage with these aspects of the house and gardens, their history, and the vision behind them, presenting exciting new ways of experiencing the space.

About The Parlour Collective:
The Parlour Collective is a group of contemporary international artists which produce site-specific events that delve into the mythologies of the everyday, and the trail of history which surrounds our experience of space. They have exhibited across a wide range of countries in spaces ranging from antiquated operating theaters to small islands.

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Chiswick House and Gardens
Burlington Lane
London W4 2RP.
Nearest train station: Chiswick
13 minute walk to the Burlington Lane Gate

Entry to the gardens is free. Admission to this exciting installation is included with standard Chiswick House admission.

For further information on entry go to