Andrew Ekins and Playpaint in This Year’s Model 2019 (Part II) at studio 1.1, London (until 3 March 2019)

Andrew Ekins (4-055) and Playpaint (TB-128) exhibit in This Year’s Model 2019 (Part II) ‘Reverse/Re-purpose’ at studio 1.1 alongside artists Paul Cole, Paige Perkins, Anna Courcha, Sacha Meaden, Henry Ward, Etienne de Villiers, John Patrick Hughes, Matthias Neumann, Ute Kreyman, Aindreas Scholz, Cool Diabang, William Wright, Eugenia Cuellar, Peter Sylveire, Peter Roseman, Graham Carrick , Dan Davis, Tamsin Morse and Sally Barker.

studio1.1, 57a Redchurch St London E2 7DJ. Open Thursday-Sunday, 12-6pm, or by appointment.

Image: Andrew Ekins, Love Thy Neighbour, 2019, courtesy the artist