Ben Edmunds' solo exhibition at Tatjana Pieters, Ghent (13 March-25 April 2021)

Ben Edmunds' (Unit 2, Studio 2-55) solo exhibition It won’t last forever (or maybe it will) is on display at Tatjana Pieters Gallery until 25 April 2021.

The exhibition is Ben Edmunds’ solo debut in Europe and his most ambitious exhibition to date. Best known for his large scale paintings that combine tropes of modernist abstraction with the stylised accents of extreme sports, this show marks an expansion of possibilities in his practice. The works move between painting, sculpture, photography, branding, useful objects and wearable equipment. In reference to the artists hopes and fears of the present moment, the title of the exhibition alludes to a central question in his work, “if you could live in this moment forever, would you?”.

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Tatjana Pieters Gallery
Nieuvewaart 124/001
B-9000 Ghent