Christopher Green, Essays in varying lengths, at Wolfson College, Oxford (1-20 Oct 2017)

Christopher Green's (2-41/42) solo exhibition, Essays in varying lengths, opens this Sunday 1 October 2017, 12-3pm, at Wolfson College, Oxford, OX2 6UD and continues until 20 October 2017.

Christopher Green's recent exhibitions and projects include Works clockwise from entering studio at 41/42, London (solo, 2017), About a sky & its impossible absence at Dzialdov, Berlin (two-person, 2016), Frequent Long Walks: A proposition by Christopher Green at Hannah Barry Gallery, London (curator, 2016), "I'll take a long-handed short story. The one that reads like a self-portrait." for Art Licks (solo, 2016), A castle in the blue: curated by R.C. Sheering at Fokidos, Athens (solo, 2015), Christopher Green & L.I.E invite.. at 0fr Paris (curator, 2015).

Images: Christopher Green, Wolfson, archival card, acrylic, emulsified acrylic on birch panel, 24 x 15cm, 2017; Exhibit E, graphite, acrylic, on birch panel, 24 x 15 cm, 2016; Untitled, acrylic, paper on paper on birch panel, 24 x 15 cm, 2016; Untitled (2012-2017), gesso, acrylic, graphite, dirt on birch panel, 24 x 15 cm, 2017; exhibition invitation card image, 2017. All images courtesy the artist.