Clancy Gleber Davies in Shot in Soho at The Photographer's Gallery

Clancy Gebler Davies (Unit 7 Studio 202) is exhibiting in Shot in Soho, alongide William Klein, Corinne Day, Kelvin Brodie, John Goldblatt, Anders Petersen and Daragh Soden, at The Photographers’ Gallery, an exhibition celebrating Soho’s diverse culture, community and creativity at a time when the area is facing radical transformation.

"Shot in Soho offers a timely opportunity to see the area through the lens of renowned photographers, such as William Klein, through a rare presentation of his candid 1980s Sunday Times commissioned photo essay; Anders Petersen, through a selection of his 2011 Soho series, which capture the neighbourhood with his trademark lyrical melancholy; Corinne Day, whose images take us off the streets into her Brewer St. home where some of her most iconic editorial and personal work was shot; as well as work from less familiar figures such as Times photographer Kelvin Brodie’s night-time forays with police teams, John Goldblatt’s strip club dressing room scenes and Clancy Gebler Davies’s work in The Colony Room Club. The exhibition features a commission from artist, Daragh Soden who will present a new body of work focusing on Soho’s reputation as a place of connection, performance and the pursuit of love." Text courtesy The Photographer's Gallery.

The Photographers’ Gallery, 16-18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW.
Open Monday - Saturday, 10am-6pm, Sunday 11am-6pm
Exhibition Day Pass £5/£2.50. Free from 5pm daily and Thursday Lates 5-8pm.

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Image: Clancy Gebler Davies, The Colony Rooms, 1999-2000, courtesy the artist.