Coco Crampton and Ludovica Gioscia in If You Can't Stand The Heat, Roaming Projects (12-28 Jan 2018)

Coco Crampton (5-124) and Ludovica Gioscia (TB-03) are participating in the clay-inspired group show If You Can't Stand The Heat at Roaming Projects, London.

Curated by Lindsey Mendick, Paloma Proudfoot and Ruth Pilston, the exhibition also includes work by Aisha Christison, Alicia Reyes McNamara, Aliyah Hussain, Amy Leung, Anne Ryan, Annie Attridge, Anousha Payne, Bea Bonafini, Cassie Griffin, Emily McCartan, Hannah Bays, Hannah Regel, Jessie Makinson, Katie Schwab, Lindsey Mendick, Paloma Proudfoot, Rose Eken, Sally Hackett, Sandra Lane, Urara Tsuchiya, Victoria Adam, Yelena Popova and Zoe Williams.

Preview: Thursday 11 January 2018
Exhibition Dates: 12-28 January 2018

Roaming Projects, 11 Bohemia Place, London E8 1DU.