Coco Crampton, Domestic Wears, Belmacz, London (8 Oct 2020-10 Jan 2021)

Coco Crampton (Unit 5, Studio 5-102) presents a new body of work conceived specifically for the Belmacz space.

Reflecting on actual forms of domestic containment, Crampton exhibits a trio of sculptures: cabinet-like column structures and vessel-like ceramic forms arranged between and behind curtains as though to prevent total exposure. A reimagining of the quotidian and an allusion to daily rituals, from ablutions to dressing. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication with a text by Ines Weizman and a poem by Toby Upson. Text courtesy Belmacz.

Domestic Wears was selected by the Contemporary Art Society as their exhibition of the week on 6 November.

"Crampton’s new body of work slyly crosses the boundaries between craft and fine art, following the modernist mantra ‘Form Follows Function’ ad absurdum. Her bold experimenting with various textures and materials makes her sculptural language unique and so, accompanied by an essay by Ines Weizman and a lively poem by Toby Upson, this exquisite Gesamtkunstwerk at Belmacz positively demands to be seen." - Christine Takengny, Curator, Contemporary Art Society

Read the full review and see installation images here:

Belmacz, 45 Davies Street, London W1K 4LX.

Images: Coco Crampton, Domestic Wears, installation photos and details, courtesy Belmacz and the artist 2020