Creative Collagraph Printmaking with Charmaine Watkiss (from 21 Mar 2020)

Charmaine Watkiss (Unit 4, Studio 4-113) is running a creative collagraph printmaking class in her studio.

Collagraphy is a really versatile printing process in which a textured plate is inked up and put through a press. Different textures hold varying amounts of ink and print different tones. Anything with a low relief texture can be stuck down and used: wallpaper, leaves, fabrics, tapes and threads etc. Prints are taken from plates constructed from textured materials assembled onto a cardboard base plate, unique prints rich in tone and texture can be taken from these plates.

Charmaine will introduce you to techniques of making marks and adding textures to your plates and how to print. The course is structured over three sessions, price £150. All dates and information here:

Image: courtesy Charmaine Watkiss, 2020