Ema Pina in Mycelia Issue IV

Ema Pina (Unit 0, Studio 0-28a) is the front cover artist for the latest issue of Mycelia. Ema is also one of two inaugural editorial mentors for Mycelia's Glasgow-based publisher Hedera Felix.

Bringing work from Israel, Belgium, Japan, the US, Mexico, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, England and Scotland, issue IV of Mycelia presents a balanced selection of visual work, poetry, experimental prose and weird fiction on a wide range of ideas, including food horror, BDSM, anticipatory art history’s role in global politics, a re-reading of the book of Genesis, a pitch-black climate-fiction dystopia, linguistic frolics around self-management, and landscape photography work in progress on the ghostly VOR radio beacons dotted around the globe.

Currently Mycelia have a special offer of 20% off back issues I, II and III, and 25% off the new issue IV on orders until 31 December.

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Image: Mycelia Issue IV, front cover artwork, Bust by Ema Pina