Frank Creber in Urban Contemporaries, Espacio Gallery (5-10 March 2019)

Frank Creber (TB-258) exhibits alongside Sharon Beavan, Gethin Evans, Susanne du Toit, Ferha Farooqui, Annette Fernando, Tim Hyman RA, Sarah Lowe, Michael Johnson, Elizabeth McCarten, Michael Major, Alex Pemberton, Melissa Scott-Miller, Grant Watson and Charles Williams in Urban Contemporaries at Espacio Gallery.

Fifteen figurative painters have collaborated to explore diverse approaches to the concept of the urban environment, responding to the contemporary urban world. Each artist is attempting to capture the visual character and essential forces of the city experience through depicting scenes of everyday life, the beauty of common place things or their interpretations of the symbolic, human, psychosexual drama of the city.  

The Exhibition will offer glimpses into the very diverse visual experiences of fifteen painters, who chronicle their responses through combinations of careful observation, photographs, private archives, film and other media to record personal encounters with city existence and offer new stories and narratives. Some use drawings and paintings as visual accounts to convey the disappearance of social and cultural landmarks, others interact with symbolic elements to transmit feeling, atmosphere and humanity specific to cities, exploring feelings both of intimacy and detachment.  

The exhibition produced by these 'urban contemporaries' will offer new insight into the forgotten, overlooked, dirty underbelly of the urban experience and also its uplifting, chaotic energy and movement, emblematic of the urban encounter.

Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG. Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 1-7pm. Sunday, 1-5pm. Private Views: Tuesday 5 March, 6-9pm and First Thursday 7 March, 6-9pm.

Image: Frank Creber, Tennis Game, oil on canvas, 85 x 130cm, 2019, courtesy the artist.