George Singer's La Ligne chandelier, Paris

George Singer (Unit 6, Studio 9) George Singer (Unit 6, Studio 9) is an award-winning designer creating chandeliers and lighting installations. Pre-lockdown he installed his most recent work, a La Ligne chandelier, in Paris. George describes it as "a minimal, contemporary nod towards art deco, in stark contrast with the original art nouveau details peppered throughout the house". It is situated on Rue de Rivoli, one of the most famous streets in Paris.

George Singer Drawing Challenge for Under 16s:

George has also set a chandelier drawing competition for ages 16 and under. The challenge is to make pictures on A4 paper of chandeliers. They must be as creative and imaginary as possible and you can use any materials you like!

Anyone can submit up to 3 designs which must be submitted by messaging George on his Instagram competition page here (you can also see submitted works):  

Following the #georgesingerdrawing challenge came the #georgesinger3Dchallenge where 3D artists are asked to make 30-second-long animated 3D interpretations of the childrens' drawings.  Currently George is working on obtaining glass makers from around the UK to reinterpret either the childrens' drawings, or the 3D models in to real glass mobiles as part of the #georgesingerglasschallenge.

The winners of each challenge will receive a George Singer desk lamp and £100 in cash to donate to any Coronavirus-based charity they like.  Also, 10 limited edition prints of all the childrens' drawings are up for sale on Ebay for £9.95, where 80% of the proceeds are to be donated to the NHS Emergency Fund.  

Through sketches, 3D models, and real glass mobiles, George Singer aims to raise as much money as possible to help the NHS.

Follow George on Instagram here.