Gilding Workshops with Estitxu Garcia

These classes are suitable for people interested in learning about the processes of glass, oil and water gilding.

Glass Gilding Classes

Gilding on glass, also known as Verre Eglomisé, is the process of applying precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium on to the back of glass, depending on the required effect. In this class you will be given a brief introduction to the Verre Eglomisé technique, then learn how to apply a variety of metal leaf types to glass including how to use a gilder's pad, squirrel brush and gilders knife and finally, how to transfer an image onto the glass to create your own bespoke design.

One-day course £90

Oil and Water Gilding Classes

After a brief introduction on gilding, you will begin the workshop learning the simple process of using oil size (an adhesive specifically for gilding) to apply metal leaf on a variety of surfaces. We will then move on to learning the more skilled process of water gilding which will include:
how to prepare a surface for gilding
how to apply rabbit skin glue working with layers of gesso and bole
how to lay silver and/or gold leaf using the a variety of gilder’s tools such as the gilder’s pad, squirrel brush and gilding knife
how to burnish the silver surface

Two-day course £150

You are welcome to bring your own projects that you would like to work on.

Classes are led by Estitxu Garcia (TB-25), a practicing expert in the Verre Eglomisé technique.
For further information about Estitxu and the classes, please go to or call 07810 695 627.