Gordon Cheung's collaboration with A.Wong, London

Gordon Cheung (TW-015, TB-13) collaborated with Andrew Wong, Chef Patron of recently crowned, 2 Michelin starred restaurant A.Wong in Pimlico to create a cutting edge, interactive, art installation to celebrate Chinese New Year 2021.

When it became apparent the lockdown would extend into the month of February, the two met in a creative collaboration to exchange their knowledge, thoughts and nostalgia about Chinese New Year. Reviewing the symbolism of their shared history and culture, inspired the creation of The Year of the Ox by Gordon Cheung.

In partnership with Rémy Martin, the public artwork takes the form of a vinyl mural wrapped around the restaurant’s newly installed terrace, to be enjoyed by everyone. In addition, it can be enjoyed further through a Year of the Ox app on Android or Apple smartphone, accessed via a QR code located on the work. This brings the art to life in digital animation: beautiful flowers grow and the mural with the ox transforms.

Andrew and Gordon are British born Chinese, who grew up navigating between Eastern and Western cultures. They have found uniquely different ways to express their creativity and share an artistic connection.

A.Wong Restaurant, 70 Wilton Road, Pimlico, London SW1V 1DE.

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Images: A. Wong x Gordon Cheung collaboration, February 2021, images courtesy Gordon Cheung Studio, photography Jon Devo