Henry/Bragg, Absence of Evidence, Shoreditch and Soho, London

20 July-9 August 2020

Henry/Bragg's (Unit 0, Studio 0-35) latest exhibition Absence of Evidence, on display as billboards and a bus shelters in Hull until 28 July. On 14 July at 2pm, the artists held a silent walking exhibition in Hull city centre. 14 former sex workers and their allies came together in a moving tribute to 14 of their fellow workers who have died. The exhibition is now on display on the streets of London.

Absence of Evidence is a collaborative work between art duo Julie Henry and Debbie Bragg and a group of former street sex workers in Hull honouring 14 of their fellow workers who have died. The artists are known for their work shining a spotlight on overlooked members of society, using photography and social intervention. From the outset of this collaboration, the women were very clear about what they wanted to achieve. “We wanted this to be a journey around the old spaces we shared, a mapped memorial to friends and other women we know who haven’t made it.”

The images in this body of work, at first glance, seem innocuous; ordinary places that could belong anywhere. But these places hide a thousand untold stories. These are locations where the women worked and where serious violent crime against street sex workers took place.

• 20 July-2 August - Shoreditch (under the bridge Old Street/Shoreditch High St and northern end of Commercial Street).
• 27 July-9 Aug - Soho (outdoor exhibition around Soho area).

By placing the work in a street setting it is hoped it will reach a diverse audience and provoke discussions around the decriminalisation of sex work. www.henrybragg.com/absenceofevidence

Images: Henry/Bragg, Absence of Evidence, Hull, courtesy the artists, 2020