Jay Price & Tess Williams, Affected, Back Room Gallery, Peckham (9-12 September 2021)

Affected is an exhibition of collaborative works by artists Jay Price (Unit 7, 7-131) and Tess Williams at Back Room Gallery in Peckham.

Bringing together key elements from both artists’ varied practices, they have created an immersive experience for the viewer. Williams’ presence is powerfully felt through mark making, touch and gestural exertions. While Price leaves traces of themselves through text, confessions and schizophrenic excretions that pool like phantoms on Williams’ rich painted surfaces. The multi layered wall installations form an aesthetically stimulating landscape to visually engage and intrigue the viewer, encouraging them to connect with the rich material environment.

Jay Price is an off-press, large-scale printmaker and cross-disciplinary artist. Price's work is driven by direct dialogue and accessibility. Exploring a decade of psychotic episodes the artist works with everyday objects and text, either placing their experiences within the process of creating a piece, or using words written during hallucinations. Jay plays with context to make an alien experience relatable.

Tess Williams is an abstract painter who also works in installation. Williams’ work exposes the 'act of creating' to the audience. Responding to urban landscapes, Tess brings material details of the city into the paintings. Working with both free hanging and stretched paintings, she explores the 2D and 3D properties and subtleties of materials.

Back Room Gallery, Holdrons Arcade, 135a Rye Lane, London SE15 4ST. Open 9-12 September, 1-6pm. Artist hosted event Saturday 11 September, 1-6pm. www.copelandpark.com

Image: Affected, 2021, courtesy the artists