Jim Nottingham's Printing History Book

As a part of Jim Nottingham's (Unit 4, Studio 4-117) printmaking practice he often works on the conservation and restoration of engraved plates from various sources. For the past 25 years he has been slowly working his way through the extensive plate archive at Oxford University Press (OUP).

Whilst undertaking this work Jim became fascinated with the work of Micheal Burghers (1647-1727) and the large number of his still surviving engraved plates in the OUP collection. Last year he had the opportunity to partner with Martyn Ould of the Old School Press to edit a collated written history of Micheal Burghers and with the permission of OUP print a number of the Micheal Burghers plates as a special edition hand printed book. The work to produce the book including the typesetting, and the printing of the plates took about six weeks. The book went on sale in late February and by early May all the books had been sold.

Alongside his studio Jim is also a Thames-Side Print Studio keyholder. Jim studied Fine Art Printmaking at Loughborough College of Art & Design and has an MFA in Printmaking from Louisiana State University, Jim is the Chief Information Officer & IT Director for the University of the Arts London.

Image: courtesy Jim Nottingham, 2020