John Telfer / LUMA-iD / Justin Webb collaboration

John Telfer (5-226) recently worked on a collaborative 'compact' bass clarinet concept with Mark Little and his LUMA-iD team (1-100), accompanied by prototype photography by Justin Webb (5-125).

"The project is still in development and this is not the final design, but we have worked on several iterations from scratch to design and build a fully working 'compact bass clarinet' allowing the player to 'bend notes' and also make a lighter and more compact instrument to play. Its been a wonderful project to work on, as the process as been, design brief, design in 3D CAD, 3D print the clarinet, test and repeat and slowly the instrument has been sounding better and better!" - Mark Little, LUMA-iD

You can watch a video showing the prototype in action here -

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Images: Justin Webb Photography