LUMA-iD’s innovative Riverside Waste Collector

Mark Little's LUMA iD (Unit 1, Studio 1-100) worked with Ichthion Limited to develop a 1/6th scale model prototype of a waste collection system.

"We were involved to satisfy requirements for an Innovate UK grant to be able to get to this stage of the project. This scale model is intended to test the idea of a deployable, riverside waste collector mounted in a standard 40' shipping container.

A full-scale model is currently being prototyped in Ecuador, so the two projects have run in unison to be able to refine the system at smaller and larger scales. The full-scale model will run 24/7 to collect plastics and other floating river waste, with a floating boom system to direct waste to the conveyor.

This will now go on to be tested and refined and should work fantastically when fully up and operational. This video shows the first riverside test and presents the huge potential for the project."

Watch the video here:

Images: courtesy LUMA i-D, 2021