Mary Evans in 11th Mercosur Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 6 April - 3 June 2018

Mary Evans (5-303) is participating in The Atlantic Triangle, the 11th Mercosur Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brazil, which aims to take a look at the triangle that has been linking the destinies of America, Africa and Europe for more than 500 years.

Bringing together 70 artists and artists' collectives - in addition to occasional actions carried out in remaining communities of quilombos located in the cities of Porto Alegre and Pelotas - the exhibition takes place in the spaces of the Rio Grande Museum of Art, Rio Grande do Sul Memorial, Santander Cultural, Praça da Alfândega and Nossa Senhora das Dores Church, in the Historic Center of Porto Alegre.

Based on the historical references listed during the preparation of the exhibition, the curatorial project includes works and artists from the three continents that make up the Atlantic triangle. By making these artists the protagonists of an exploration of the relations of cultural tension and contextual interdependence within this triangulation, the exhibition seeks, among other questions, to analyze which are the innovative forces that mobilize the interaction between America, Africa and Europe.

With emphasis on African and Afro-Brazilian art - both presented with great density - The Atlantic Triangle is interested in the points of contact that allow the encounter between the indigenous, European and African cultures that form a new American amalgam. More information at

Image: Mary Evans, Please do not Bend 2018, manila envelopes, watercolour paper and ink, 2018; Redemption, craft paper, 2018, courtesy the artist.