New course: Anatomy for Artists Masterclass with Sophie Venturini Creber (25 July 2019)

Education Space (Unit 2)

Available dates:
Thursday 25 July 2019, 1-5pm
Thursday 29 August, 1-5pm
Thursday 26 September, 1-5pm
Thursday 31 October, 1-5pm

Understand the anatomy beneath the skin to really master life drawing, proportions and realism taught by Sophie Venturini Creber (5-315) with life model Sofia Ruby.

Sophie Venturini Creber is an artist and physiotherapist who combines her knowledge of art and anatomy for this life drawing masterclass. She studied anatomy in the dissection rooms at King's College London and has been a practising artist her whole life. A passionate art tutor Sophie makes her classes fun and informative and has been working and teaching from her studio here since 2016.

£75 per person (maximum 6 people) 4 hour class

High quality paper, charcoal, pencils and pastels will be provided, a professional life model and experienced artist tuition for 4 hours. To book call 07456 679 307 or email

For more on Sophie Venturini go to @sophie_venturini 

Images courtesy Sophie Venturini Creber and Sofia Ruby, 2019.