New Menswear Collection by Delores Oblitey

Delores Oblitey's (Unit 8, Studio TB-139) new menswear knitwear collection, 'Ascension: The Act of Moving To A Higher or More Powerful Position’, is now available to pre-order.

Delores says, "This body of work was initially formed out of a personal spiritual experience I encountered during a Easter Sunday service about 3 years ago. I was feeling down, depressed and stressed about things going on in my life, but during that service It felt as if God was breathing new life into me. I literally felt a change at that very moment, as if I had ascended into a different place in my existence both spiritually and physically.

Being a creative, who tends to use the art of storytelling as a foundation to my design process. I wanted to share this experience in my own way, creating something beautiful, fun and wearable. I looked up the meaning of Ascension and it reminded me of how birds tend to ascend from the ground up. I then decided to focus on the textures and colours of their wings. With my knitwear I challenged myself to try something different. I usually work with textured yarns or design 3d yarn textured fabrics but this time around I decided to create jacquard knitted fabrics that emulated the patterns and texture within the birds wings. With my woven fabrics, I chose to be very bold and colourful with some of the garments while with others I wanted to mute them down, just to create some form of balance."

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Images: courtesy Delores by Delores, March 2021