Pizza at The Arts Café (16 March 2021)

The Arts Café (Trinity Wharf) have pizza back on their lunch menu, available Monday-Friday from 12 noon - 3.30pm, with their new pizza oven giving the pizza a beautiful crispy thin base.

These nine inch pizzas, provided in a box smaller than the one shown, are cut into four slices. They take roughly ten minutes to make, which includes rolling the dough to taking it out of the oven. Three options are available:

• Pepperoni, cheese and tomato base £5.50
• Mushroom, spinach, cheese and tomato base £5
• Vegan pepperoni, vegan cheese and tomato base £5

The Arts Café can take orders through Facebook and Instagram via a direct message, or WhatsApp on 07467 851 440.

If you don't fancy pizza, you can always message them with what you would like from their regular menu.

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Images: courtesy The Arts Café, 2021