Streetwear Jewellery-Making Workshop, Education Space

Saturday 8 August 2020
Education Space, Unit 2

Jewellery makers Nadia Abbas and Luke Hippolyte (Unit 0, Studio 0-112) are running a streetwear jewellery-making workshop in the Education Space (Unit 2) on Saturday 8 August, from 12.45pm.

This workshop will be focused around the creation and personalisation of rings and pendants. In this session you will:
• Get an insight in to the jewellery making process.
• A wax ring or pendant template to customise with your own design.
• A step by step tutorial covering a range of jewellery making techniques.

At the end of the workshop you will have the option of turning your personalised wax ring or pendant master into a finished wearable jewellery piece. Price £16.50. Full details and how to book here

Image: courtesy Nadia Abbas and Luke Hippolyte, 2020