The Gate Darkroom January Sale: Save on Membership & Courses

The Gate Darkroom (0-003) is pleased to announce that their January Sale is now on.

Membership is being offered for £70 per month (instead of £80) and gives unlimited access to the darkroom 24/7, with all essential chemicals included. That's £30 off the initial three month membership and £120 off membership for the calendar year (so long as membership is continued).

This offer is only available for those who commit and book their induction during the sale period. (Induction is 3 hours and costs £30, key deposit £20).

All workshops advertised in January will be offered at £100 for non-members and £50 for members (the usual price is £120).

The next workshop, Intro to B&W Photography, takes place on Saturday 20 January 2018, 10.30am-5.30pm, full details here: