Works from Henry/Bragg's Dyed in the Wool acquired by the National Football Museum

Julie Henry and Debbie Bragg (Unit 0, Studio 0-35) of Henry/Bragg are pleased to announce that five of their cardigans from Dyed in the Wool (2004) now have a permanent home at the National Football Museum in Manchester.

The cardigans for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle and Wolverhampton safely arrived last week in their new home. They undertook Dyed in the Wool as a way of bringing back some ownership to the fans. They invited Premiership fans to design a cardigan representing their club. The cardigan designs are an echo of 1970’s versions, homemade precursors to the readymade kits at a time when there was little opportunity to buy merchandise. The subsequent designs were knitted by the Women’s Institute. The difference between the cardigans and the off-the-peg replicas is a rich history of local identity.

National Football Museum, Urbis Building Cathedral Gardens, Todd St, Manchester M4 3BG.

Image: Henry/Bragg, Dyed in the Wool, 2004, courtesy the artists