Yoi Kawakubo's Six Days After Forever

Yoi Kawakubo (Unit 7, Studio 7-130) is currently working on his latest short film 'Six Days After Forever' shooting a key scene in the Photography Studio. 'Six Days After Forever' looks at the meaning of human identity and the implications of genetic editing.

"This project is a combination of both narrative fiction and documentary. In the fiction section, the protagonist, Anastasia, a talented genetic researcher awakes with amnesia and meets Thomas, a professional sleeper, who begins to help Anastasia discover her past and her true identity. The documentary section will consist of voiceover by the director and interviews conducted with researchers of biosciences from IRB Barcelona, where this film will become an installation. The fiction and non-fiction scenes intercut whilst exploring the ethics of genetic modification, issues surrounding nuclear energy, the relationship between body & mind, and the meaning of life."- Yoi Kawakubo, December 2020


Main image: Yoi Kawakubo on location in Bulgaria, images courtesy the artist, 2020