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Lesley Sharpe

Lesley Sharpe

Lesley Sharpe is a Scottish printmaker currently based in East London. Her work combines her interest in analogue and digital printmaking techniques to explore the conceptual and material interpretation of landscape, specifically those connected to her family history, material culture and perception of home. Her research borrows from the practices of psychogeography, agriculture, photography, printmaking and her passion for randonneurring, a form of long-distance cycling.

She studied Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art specialising in printmaking and Anthropology of Space, Architecture and the Landscape at Birkbeck, London. Since 2008, a key element of her practice has centred around the production of fine art prints and artist’s books in collaboration with and for artists. These have been produced through her imprint The Small Press and Holding Page, an editions practice, which she co-founded and co-directed from 2011 to 2020.