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Open Studios

We hold an annual open studios event. Admission and parking is free and everyone is welcome.

Thames-Side Studios is the largest single-site studio provider in the UK. With 550 studios in Woolwich we are home to an impressive array of artists, makers and designers, and this is a unique opportunity to meet them, talk about what they do, and to buy directly from their studios.

Studio practices cover a wide range, from painting and drawing, fashion design, carpentry, jewellery, millinery, photography, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture and installation, tailoring, leather work, picture framing, stained glass making, writing, upholstery, illustration, shoe making, textiles, conservation and restoration, lutherie, graphic design, furniture making, film and video, skin care, architecture, wood working, laser cutting, clock making, product design, book binding, and more.

Images: A selection of photos from previous Open Studios events (10-11 June 2023, 25 June 2022, 15-16 June 2019, 9-10 June 2018 and 20-21 May 2017).