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Thames-Side Studios provides over 650 affordable studio spaces. We operate two friendly, safe and professionally managed high-quality studio sites, providing environments that support creative engagement and development for artists, designers and makers.

Both of our sites support flourishing communities of creatives and craftspeople. Our Shoreditch studios in E2 boast exceptional location opportunities and our 7 acre riverside complex in Woolwich, SE18 offers access to unbeatable facilities including a fully equipped print studio, a 2600 square feet gallery, a 770 square feet education space for courses and workshops, a spray shop, a yard for outdoor work, a 1100 square feet photography studio, kilns and two cafes.

To enquire about, or to book, any of the facilities at Thames-Side Studios call 020 8301 8844 (Monday-Friday, 9.00-5.30) or email info at