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A ceramics firing service is available to studio holders on site at the London Sculpture Workshop (Unit 0) upon request.
They can fire to various temperatures, from bisque to glazed work, including decals and lustre. The turnover time is dependent on how busy the studio is at that time.

Please contact London Sculpture Workshop in advance to confirm if they can help you [email protected]

Kiln Size

Kiln 1
Interior Dimensions
Height: 76cm (Please note: the top is arched and reaches a height of 79cm in the middle)
Width: 44-54cm (Please note: the bricks at the top lean in, making the width there 44cm)
Depth: 58.5cm

The kiln is based in the London Sculpture Workshop, Unit 0, Thames-Side Studios, First Floor, Harrington Way, London, SE18 5NR. There is lift access to the studio.

Firing Prices
The costs are charged per firing. Prices vary depending on the temperature and time taken.
This includes kiln-loading, kiln-programming and electricity costs. Studio holders based at Thames-Side Studios receive a discount to the listed pdf prices, please email [email protected] for details.

Kiln bookings are confirmed by payment in advance. Packaging should be taken away once items are delivered. Unfortunately storage cannot be offered.

Please Note
All work must be bone dry and ready for firing upon delivery to the studio. We will require details of the materials used: Clay type, glaze type and their firing temperatures.

For health and safety reasons we cannot fire anything that would create a vast amount of smoke, i.e. clay with significant amount of organic materials inside.