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Photography Studio

The Photography Studio (Unit 8, TB-21) is a great space to document paintings, sculpture, ceramics or furniture and is ideal for fashion shoots.

Dimensions of the main space (excluding alcoves) as follows:
Length 10.76m (35.31ft) x Width 9.27m (30.41ft) x Height 3.16m (10.40ft)

Open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Studio holders:
£60 per day (9am-5pm).
Deposit of £50 required by credit card.

Studio holders using space for commercial work (photographers' work):
£80 per day (9am-5pm).
Deposit of £50 required by credit card.

Non-studio holders:
£125 per day (9am-5pm). Deposit of £200.
Credit card details held with deposit.

For all bookings payment is required in advance at the time of booking.
Your deposit is lost if cancelled within one week of booking.
Prices include electricity.

A choice of colorama backdrop paper (white/black/grey/blue) is available to use at £10 per metre.

For details and to book email [email protected]

Images courtesy Warren King Photography; Le Guo; James Lincoln; Mark Thurgood and Justin Webb Photography.