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Bob Dawson, Strange Truths and Honest Lies

Bob Dawson, Strange Truths and Honest Lies

Preview: Saturday 5 February, 12-4pm
5 Feb till 27 Feb 2022

“Art is a lie that makes us see the truth.” - Picasso

Images of old abandoned boats in melancholy setting, dancers in dynamic movement and mystical cityscapes are a selection of new paintings and drawings in this new exhibition by Bob Dawson (Unit 0, Studio 0-38).

"My subject material and genre choice is consistently varied. Sometimes the work makes a social or political comment. Other work expresses imagery that reflects the natural or the sub-conscious, I work mainly from my imagination, preferring to work at the border between representation and abstraction. Working like this has a tendency to produce the accident and in turn deliver new realities that express visual poetry ; enigmatic and beautiful even when the work may express a dark subject matter.” - Bob Dawson


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