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Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold

Curated by Programme Co-Leaders Ian Dawson and Nicky Hirst
Preview: Friday 8 April, 5-8pm
8 Apr till 23 Apr 2022

Fool's Gold exhibiting artists:
Aileen Kelly
Alex Hegazy
Carolyn Whittaker
Chuting Lee
Diana Wolzak
Ellie Reid
Joe Madeira
Matt Foster
Nathan Anthony
Rachael Causer
Susan Young
Tania Salha
Thomas Witherick
Tina Culverhouse

An interim show of work by participants on the MASS Off Site and Studio programme 2021/22 at MASS HQ, Unit 7-016/17, Thames-Side Studios, London SE18 5NR

The glittering golden mineral pyrite is commonly known as Fool’s Gold. Pyrite is named from the Greek word for fire (pyr) because it can create the sparks needed for starting a blaze.

Fool’s Gold is a show of beginnings, from tiny metal glimmers to large wooden beacons. It is about transforming materials by building, casting, coating, cutting, balancing, melting, knotting, slotting, taping, draping, welding, propping and arranging. Thinking through making, and learning by doing, our Fool’s Gold exhibition is an alchemical adventure with a myriad of proposals and possibilities.