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Subconscious Collages

Subconscious Collages

17 Jun till 24 Jul 2022

Iain Herdman

Iain Herdman presents Subconscious Collages, an exhibition of recent works.

Iain Herdman (Studio 4-038) collects piles of used CAD cardboard shapes, or 'fences', and works intuitively on compositions straight from memories, however vague. The relief is focused and dramatised with showers of pigments. He draws with found shapes rather than with a pencil or brush.

About the artist
After graduating from Reading University with an upper second degree in Fine Art in 1980, lain decided to turn down offers of a place on both the Chelsea and St Martins School of Art post-graduate courses and to accept the offer of a studio and work as assistant to various established artists at the Greenwich Studios where he made sculpture for 17 years.

From 1981 to 1985 he taught sculpture and life drawing at Canterbury College of Art, during which time his sculpture was exhibited at The ICA, Serpentine Gallery and The Air Gallery, London and The Cheltenham Sculpture Biennale. He also won an award from the Greater London Arts Association.

From 1988 to 1991 he taught sculpture on the post graduate course at St. Martins School of Art, during which time his sculpture and drawings were exhibited at Jablonsky Gallery, London and CSK Gallery in Eton. In 1988 he was awarded the Greater London Arts Award for development of new work.

From 1988 to1991 he taught on the degree courses at Cheltenham College of Art and St Albans School of Art and was invited to participate in the Triangle International Arts Workshop and exhibition in New York State, USA. From 1992 to 2007 he taught on the Foundation course, 2D Design Course and Life Drawing course at Croydon College. During this period his work was exhibited at The Whitechapel Gallery and The John Jones Gallery, London and The Ardingly Architectonic Sculpture Project, East Sussex.

In recent years he has continued to make sculptures and large collages at Thame-Side Studios in Woolwich and participated in and curated several group exhibitions in London and Kent.

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