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Tim Mitchell Migratory Flyways

Migratory Flyways, is an exhibition of aqua-print etchings by Thames-Side Studios-based Tim Mitchell (Studio 0-17).

Celebrating the seasonal bird migrations to the lower Thames River...but for how much longer? With migratory birds sustaining substantial loss of habitats due to land development and industry, impacts and consequences of climate change and the devastating effects of bird flu…are we taking these avian visitors for granted? - Tim Mitchell, February 2022

About the artist
Tim Mitchell was born in New Zealand in 1973 and grew up immersed in the country’s majestic land and seascapes. His love of surfing, sailing and exploring the countryside brought him into close contact with the country's unique, rich and diverse flora and fauna. In 1996 he obtained his Bachelors in Forestry Science Degree, and in 2003 a post graduate diploma in teaching. Tim taught art, along with other subjects, in inner London, Hong Kong and Portuguese primary schools since 2003 and in 2015 became a full time artist.

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