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Work in Progress

Work in Progress

The Gate Darkroom
Preview: Thursday 14 April, 7-9pm
15 Apr till 24 Apr 2022

Sarah Garrod
Diyou Yu
Arek Golosz
Carô Gervay
Veronica Olmedo
Weiyun Duan
John Stephens
Rachel Louise Brown
L.M. Cipriano
Liz Gorman

"As photographers and artists we explore themes relating to 'drawing with light' and being collective. We experiment with a wide range of techniques and processes. For this exhibition we are presenting a selection of works along our path of discovery. Working in the darkroom with chemicals and liquids is a uniquely tactile activity, and sometimes the art reveals itself through the actual process. We often get surprising results from chemical experiments that drive us forward. We can shoot a roll of film and then discard the majority in the quest for the 'final print', but what happens to all those other unseen images that continue to exist in a forgotten netherworld?" - The Gate Darkroom, April 2022

The Gate Darkroom is a collective welcoming all who wish to engage with black and white and alternative darkroom photographic processes in a communal and supportive environment. They are a not-for-profit community interest company, based at Thames-Side Studios, which runs the darkroom for its members and all who wish to have access to these resources. They offer membership, courses and sessional use.


Thames-Side Studios Lounge is located on the second floor of Unit 0 and open to all studio holders and by appointment.

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