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Chrissie Stewart, Perspective


Preview: Saturday 5 August 2023, 2-5pm
5 Aug till 20 Aug 2023

Chrissie Stewart

Our next show in Thames-Side Studios Lounge is Perspective by Chrissie Stewart (Studio 0-239) who recently completed an MA at UAL Chelsea.

"Airing the results of an introspective lockdown, this show, using distant memory, takes a whimsical look at the relationship I had with the contradictions and anomalies of notions of ‘femininity' as presented to me in formative years. The seductive and beguiling pull are of constant intrigue to me and yet one of annoyance." - Chrissie Stewart

Exhibition continues until 20th August.

Follow Chrissie Stewart on Instagram @christine.stewart7

Thames-Side Studios Lounge is located on the second floor of Unit 0 and open to all studio holders and by appointment. For general Thames-Side Studios enquiries please email [email protected]