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Contemporary British Painting Prize 2023

Contemporary British Painting Prize 2023

Preview: Friday 1st December, 6-9pm
2 Dec till 17 Dec 2023
Main Gallery

Karolina Albricht
Robbie Bushe
Benjamin Deakin
Marcus Jefferies
Rich Jellyman
Lee Johnson
Allyson Keehan
Lee Maelzer
Melanie Miller
David Orme
Rosey Prince
Ellen Ranson
Claude Temin-Vergez
Emma Tod
Twinkle Troughton
Suzy Willey

An exhibition of the 16 finalists selected for the Contemporary British Painting Prize 2023.

The Independent's Liam Ryan writes "Britain’s best new painters serve up a mixed palette". Read more here

Exhibiting finalists: Karolina Albricht, Robbie Bushe, Benjamin Deakin, Marcus Jefferies, Rich Jellyman, Lee Johnson, Allyson Keehan, Lee Maelzer, Melanie Miller, David Orme, Rosey Prince, Ellen Ranson, Claude Temin-Vergez, Emma Tod, Twinkle Troughton, Suzy Willey.

The finalists were selected from over 1000 artists by a panel of four members of Contemporary British Painting, this year, Lesley Bunch (the winner of the 2022 prize), Gordon Dalton, Susan Gunn and Mandy Payne.

Thames-Side Studios Gallery
Thames-Side Studios
Harrington Way, Warspite Road
Royal Borough of Greenwich
London SE18 5NR.

Thames-Side Studios Gallery open Thursday-Sunday 12-5pm during exhibitions and by appointment. For general Thames-Side Studios Gallery enquiries please email [email protected]