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Ravine, Water Works by Laurie Rollitt


Preview: Friday 8 September, 6-9pm.
Closing Drinks & Snacks: Thursday 12th October, 6-9pm.
9 Sep till 15 Oct 2023

Laurie Rollitt

Ravine is an exhibition of watercolours by Laurie Rollitt (Studio 5-221).

"My artwork moves between being figurative and symbolic. I am fascinated by the character of landscapes and how a landscape can encapsulate many characters all at once to give an indefinite portrait. Ravine for me is an exhibition home and here there are echoes of where I have been at home, by the sea and an archipelago city." - Laurie Rollitt, August 2023

About the artist
Laurie Rollitt was born in 1988 and grew up in the village of West Lulworth and the city of Winchester. He has been a print design assistant, Illustrator, designer, art director and scenic painter. In his artistic practice he makes painting, drawing and sculptures; and in February 2020 Laurie had his first solo exhibition at Thames-Side Studios' Viewing Room.

Laurie currently lives in Plumstead and has a studio at Thames-Side Studios. https://lauries.art

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