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History Will Not See

History Will Not See

Preview: Saturday 13th April, 6-9pm
13 Apr till 12 May 2024

Vanessa Hiller

In this exhibition Vanessa Hiller (Studio 5-226) uses her work as a means of taking her abstract thoughts to the place where they become a visual sentence.

Using memories of the past, the reality of the present, her work acts as a commentary that includes the use of words, sewing, painting, flowers, nature and drawing whilst referencing the issues that are general to all of us.

About the artist:
Vanessa Hiller grew up in Manchester and is a resident of London. She is an artist who paints, draws and stitches. She is also a Deputy SENCo in a large secondary school. She is a dual heritage mother who hopes that her work gives people the space to reflect and she meditates to find inner peace in the silence of being still. In her work she often uses an illustrative approach and she likes to work with acrylic paint and often uses embroidery and words in her work. She likes to put together the pieces of memories that are transient. Sometimes the inspiration comes out of a deep meditative state and other times there is a deep sense of loss or the memory of an event that dictates the work.

Follow Vanessa on Instagram @v.hiller

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