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Back to Light at Stephen Lawrence Gallery

Xenia Demetriou's eye4change (Studio 5-142) presents Back To Light, work created by young people on current and past eye4change projects, at Stephen Lawrence Gallery until 7 May.

eye4change is a charitable organisation and a specialist provider of photography programmes that combine technical skills with creativity. Working with people of all ages and abilities, particularly young people, workshops are tailored to a wide range of participants’ needs and aspirations.

Back To Light interweaves perspectives, perceptions and the bold presence of each young photographer as they navigate the world through their unique lens. Reflecting upon aspects of their lives, themes of belonging, identity and their current reality are represented and brought to light.

Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, 10 Stockwell Street, London SE10 9BD. www.greenwichunigalleries.co.uk/back-to-light

Images: courtesy eye4change, 2022