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Paloma Proudfoot in Bold Tendencies 2022 Love, Peckham

Paloma Proudfoot (Studio 5-134) was commissioned to create a major ceramic sculpture for Bold Tendencies alongside Martin Creed, Rhea Dillon, Nan Goldin, Dominique White and Gray Wielebinski.

Grief is recognised as a friend takes the form of a Late Mediaeval cadaver monument, otherwise known as a transi tomb. Designed to remind its audience of the transience of mortal life, its twin-level format includes a graceful and lifelike depiction of its subject raised above the effigy of a skeleton or an emaciated, even decomposing, dead body. - text courtesy Bold Tendencies.

Bold Tendencies, 7th – 10th Floors, Multi-Storey Car Park, 95a Rye Lane, London SE15 4TG. Open Thursday-Sunday, 11am-11pm.

Visit boldtendencies.com for full details.