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Paul Chapellier, Old, Possibly Antique, at Seager Gallery, London

Seager Gallery presents Old, Possibly Antique, where "Paul Chapellier’s (Studio 5-245) imagery kindles both attraction and critique towards the artificiality of material culture and heritage via installations composed of casts, prints, photography and found objects. His recent work replicates English landscapes and historical architectural elements, dwelling in the social imaginary to expand on cultural myths of ownership." - text courtesy Seager Gallery, March 2022

Exhibition dates: 26 March-24 April
Preview: Friday 25 March, 6-8pm

Seager Gallery, Distillery Tower, 2 Mill Lane, Deptford, London, SE8 4HP. Open Thursday to Saturday, 1-5pm. seagergallery.com/programme/old-possibly-antique

Image: Paul Chapellier, courtesy the artist and Seager Gallery, 2022