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Sheena Hamson's Handcrafted Leather

Sheena Hamson (Studio 7-114) makes sustainable handcrafted oak bark leather accessories and began her Hamson brand in 2019 after being asked if she could make a selection of small leather accessories for the Blue Coat Display Centre in Liverpool. For this she decided to handcraft the goods using a minimalist timeless aesthetic and only vegetable tanned leather. From there the Hamson brand was created. Sheena's background is in luxury leather goods manufacture. Having worked for over 20 years with different luxury brands learning her craft alongside many talented leather workers from all over the world she finally deciding to take the plunge into self employment.

Sheena knew that if she created any kind of brand she would want to be mindful of environmental pressures and only want to make products that were sustainable with little environmental impact. As such she uses only vegetable tanned leather and many traditional handcrafting leatherwork techniques. She packages all sold items using recycled and recyclable materials.

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