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Aoibheann Greenan, P300 performance

P300 was a one-off live-to-digital performance by artist Aoibheann Greenan (U2-126) presented in the Photography Studio (Woolwich, Unit 8) on Saturday 30th September.

A giant multiple sculpture, inspired by neural architecture, was probed and manipulated by performers, accompanied by a live electronic score.

The P300 is a specific brain wave that is generated in response to the recognition of a stimulus. Its discovery has led to a wide variety of applications, including the ‘oddball’ test, a lie detection method used in criminal investigations. P300 imagines a near future in which our intrusive thoughts are mined by consumer neuro technologies.

P300 was a collaboration with Travis Yu, Lily Tonkin-Wells, Fionnuala Kennedy and Dominic Kennedy. Documentation of the work will be developed into Aoibheann's upcoming video work.

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