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Chris Thompson, The Vessel, St Chad's, London

Chris Thompson's (Studio 2-120) solo exhibition The Vessel is open by appointment until 13th January 2024 at St. Chad's. Curated by @benjaminorlow

The Vessel
Relcaimed Pinewood Cupboard Doors; Stained 3x1 Timber; Mahogany Parquet, C. 1960; Wooden Dollhouse; Recticel; TV, C. 2000s; Butchers Block, fragments. C 1900; Ark of the Covenant (Miniature); Cast, Bone (Numerous); Eagle Cane; Golden Eagle, Pair; Fractured Elephant Ceramic; Broken Shredder Parts; Cheap Old Wardrobes; Pinewood Furniture Board; Broken Glass, Keys, Receipts; Wreaked Laminate Flooring; Flight Pins (Battlestar Galactica); Bed knobs; American Flag; Mount Rushmore figurine; Old Books; Golf Balls (River); Glass Eye (Stolen); Wood Shavings; Opal Perspex; Stone Carving, Contemporary; Imitation Silk, Blue; Fur, Synthetic; Soil; Mini Fridge (Well Stocked); Duvet. Old; Exhibition Texts. Duct Tape; Mammoth Rib Bone, c. 30,000.BC; Draw Runners. Lots.; Reclaimed timber; Stripped Out Parquet.; Recovered Stage Floor.; Repurposed Exhibitions.; Detritus, Sound.
Star Trek II Wrath of Kahn, 1982. © Paramount Pictures ‘Spocks Death Scene and funeral’. METAL GEAR SOLID, 1998. © Konami.; ‘GAMEOVER Sequence’ ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ Written by Rika Muranaka. Battlestar Galactica (2004), by Bear McCreary 2009. ‘So Much life’ ‘Reuniting the Fleet/Roslin Confesses’ ‘Roslin and Adama’ ‘Grand Old Lady’
Metal Gear SOLID 4, 2008 © Konami. ‘Microwave corridor scene.’

St. Chad's, opposite 43 Wicklow Street, Kings Cross, London WC1X 9JS. Open by appointment. Please visit @stchadprojects on Instagram for details.

Follow Chris on Instagram @christhomp1991