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Emile Carr's new book, The Fashion Formula

Emile Carr (Studios TB-25/26) has a new book, The Fashion Formula, available now.

"The fashion industry is not a superficial space in which only eccentrics can exist. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Within this book, I do what fashion degrees don’t and help you to bypass the formal education and learn the fashion business whilst allowing you to be on the job or even in your full-time job.

Embrace those mistakes, let your gut lead your decisions, and remain in love with the process. I have kept this book short so I don’t hold you back for too long from the fantastic journey of running your fashion brand.

My career has been the crash test dummy that has given me the knowledge to pour out into the world. Suppose you are starting or have started a fashion brand. In that case, this is a must-read from the straight guy designing womenswear with a unicorn ability to master creativity and business."

Emile Carr, November 2023

Price: £19.99 (pb) or £24.99 (HB), available here: