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Fine Line's 1st Anniversary Celebration

Join Fine Line Studios (Studio HR-126) for their one year anniversary celebration on Friday 1st December between 1-7pm!

They'll be offering refreshments and a studio tour through their services with ongoing 10% Discount Offers to all studio owners and staff members.

Permanent Make Up & Facials:
Selena, with twenty years' permanent makeup specialist experience offers a range of facials and cosmeceutical skincare to suit an array of concerns.

Aesthetic Injections and Body Treatments:
Nurse Natti is an advanced nurse practitioner offering a variety of treatments: aesthetic injections, fat loss treatments, & skin/scalp hair rejuvenation, including skincare prescriptions.

Eva offers hair removal treatments using Lycon Professional Waxes, a low temperature formula that shrink-wraps and removes hair as short as 1mm, open to all genders and non-binary people. She also offers IPL and laser skin rejuvenation and carbon doll facial.

Lina offers massage to melt away your stress and tension with Swedish, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage.