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Ray Richardson, Hey Baby Whatchu No Good, Beaux Arts

Hey Baby Whatchu No Good, an exhibition of new paintings by Ray Richardson (Studio TB-121) will be at Beaux Arts London, with preview openings on Saturday 14th October, 11am-6pm, and Sunday 15th October, 11am-5pm.

Beaux Arts London, 40 Kew Green, TW9 3AZ.

Nearest stations: Kew Bridge (20 minutes from London Waterloo, then 5 minutes stroll over Kew Bridge) or Richmond (via District Line Tube or London Overground), then 12 minutes walk.

The exhibition continues by appointment until November 30th, Monday-Friday, 11am-5pm. If you can't make the preview weekend call 07917 405 747 or 020 7493 1155 to book your visit.