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ALOSH LONDON's Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection

ALOSH LONDON's Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection: Amalgamation was launched in Thames-Side Studios Photography Studio on 19th February.

The collision of Shola’s heritage comes into fruition in this collection. British born, London based womenswear designer Shola Ajayi (Unit 8, Studio TB-17) draws on her West African heritage using a hybrid of British and Nigerian culture in her designs whilst incorporating thoughtful practices.

The use of traditional hand-woven fabric from Western Nigeria along with smocking details features heavily in this collection. The art form of smocking is primarily from the United Kingdom and it has been practised in its current form for over 300 years. Consistent with bold bright colours, the brand remains true to its aesthetics.

Bold silhouettes with feminine allurement to flatter the wearer. Arrays of long evening dresses and skirts that bridge the gap between heritage and demi couture fashion.